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Manegement of documents

Administrating of real estate

Legal consultations

Establishing of companies

Preparation of business plans, investment projects, feasability studies and filling in the application to recieve EU support

Reaserch and analysis of surroundings and region's productivity

Analysis of attraction for business and research of separate region

Licenses for according activity organaizing and coordination

Research and analysis of different markets

Reaserch and analysis of real estate market


Organization of construction and technical maintenance

Finding and purchasing right object

Ratings of activities

Reaserch and analysis of surroundings and region's productivity

  • History, present situation and development prospects (development prospects in future and present situation, surrounding factors which influences it, demand and supply of prospective services in created infrastructure, analysis of potential and alteration of these services) of field where activity (project) intended.
  • Experience of company (what company has reached in field there project is planed, partners, how project influences surroundings, importance of project for surrounding, demand for results of planed project);
  • Similar projects, taking place (or will be) in same field (rival companies and decisions, their part in the market, capabilities, advantages and disadvantages and financial situation, quality of work. Strong and weak sides of similar projects, compliance to consumers needs);
  • SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) - analysis which estimates condition of company, and most important, determine fields for improvement, reveals opportunities in surroundings, which can be used and dangers, which must be avoided.